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Cards From Readers

March 30, 1997

I thoroughly enjoyed your "Post Impressionist" article (Traveler's Journal, March 16), on sending home postcards when you travel. If your readers would like to know a great book that tells a woman's journey through the postcards she sent herself home, they should read "Around the World: A Postcard Adventure," by Pamela Terry (Quest Press).


Los Angeles

While I enjoyed Alice Steinbach's article, she does tend to romanticize a bit. I was amused by one statement she wrote from Italy: "The night before I listened in the town square to a group of Andean flutists, their homesickness evident in the plaintive sounds that rose in the air."

We, too, have seen these colorfully garbed musicians. The music may seem plaintive, but we guess that homesickness is not the reason.

Our belief that these "Andean flutists" may be able to return home as frequently as they choose [was formed] on our last flight to Paris, when a group of four such musicians boarded in Chicago and quickly took their first-class seats! That would be a round-trip cost per ticket of about $7,700, give or take a few hundred dollars.


San Diego

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