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Decision Delayed on Lifting Building Ban

April 09, 1997|SHELBY GRAD

The Board of Supervisors delayed action Tuesday on a request by the Mission Viejo Co. to lift a ban on residential development in a portion of Aliso Viejo located six miles south of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

The area, near the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor, has been off-limits to housing for nearly 20 years because of jet noise from military aircraft flying overhead.

The Mission Viejo Co. said the zoning is obsolete because the military has dramatically curtailed flights at the base, which is scheduled to close by 1999. Preliminary plans for a commercial airport at El Toro found that jet noise would not be loud enough to prohibit residential development in the area.

The company wants to build 1,800 homes on the site.

Supervisor Thomas W. Wilson, who represents the South County community, urged the board to delay action for several years until it becomes clearer what exactly will be built at El Toro.

"How can I in good conscience approve this project without knowing the impacts," Wilson said. "It's in the best interests of the community to wait."

But other supervisors said they were comfortable that plans for El Toro would not affect the proposed housing development and urged approval of the Mission Viejo Co.'s request.

Finally, the board agreed on a two-month delay proposed by Supervisor Todd Spitzer that would give the developer time to fully describe the project to Aliso Viejo residents.

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