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the Best Journalism in Orange County


Award-winning journalism published in The Times Orange County in the past year.

April 20, 1997


General Excellence Breaking News

1st: Los Angeles Times Staff for "Wind-Fueled Firestorms Tear Through Southern California."

Dexter Filkins, Michael Wagner, Rene Lynch, Rene Tawa with contributors Len Hall, Leslie Earnest, Nancy Cleeland, Matt Lait, H.G. Reza, David Puckett, Kari Rene Hall, Alex Gallardo, Alex Garcia, Gail Fisher, Jerry Hicks, Greg Johnson, Shelby Grad, Lisa Richardson, Hope Hamashige, and Greg Miller

2nd: Los Angeles Times Staff for "Rubino Judge Calls A Mistrial in First OC Bancruptcy Case."

Davan Maharaj with contributors Dexter Filkins, Anna Cekola, J.R. Moehringer, Michael Wagner and Debra Vrana.

3rd: Los Angeles Times Staff for "Citron Sentenced to a Year in Jail for Role in Bancruptcy."

Michael Wagner, Davan Mahara, Matt Lait, Shelby Grad and Al Schaben.


General Excellence Project or Special Series

1st: Los Angeles Times for "Shelter on Stage" special section. Rebecca Trounson and Gail Fisher.

3rd: Los Angles Times Staff for coverage of the Hixon fire. Geoff Boucher, Geraldine Wilkins-Kasinga, David Puckett and Chuck Nigash.

News Story

1st (tie): Lee Romney, "False Alarm Leads to Man's Fatal Shooting"

1st (tie): Ken Ellingwood, J.R. Moehringer and Rebecca Trounson for "Freeway Killer Bonin Executed"

3rd: Renee Tawa for "Terrifying Day on Afton Lane"

Feature Story

1st: Dianne Klein for "Alexandra the Great" (with contributor Sheila Kern)

2nd: Dexter Filkins for "Seeking Pay for Secret War"

3rd: Greg Miller for "Cyberspace Sherlocks Hunt Virus Vandals"

Magazine Story

1st: J.R. Moehringer for "A Drunk Teen Wrecks"

Profile Story

2nd: Nancy Wride for "Gaining Altitude" (Sarah Deal)

Sports Action Story

1st: Mike DiGiovanna for "Child's Play"

2nd: Martin Beck for "Woods Shoots a Record 61"

3rd: Lon Eubanks for "Loyd Supplies Power in Victory Over Rice"

Sports Feature Story

1st: Mike DiGiovanna for "A Father's Prayer"

3rd: J.R. Moehringer for "Fans, Players Both Back in Swing"

Column Writing

1st: Dana Parsons for "Scandal Worthy of an Austen Novel: 'Blame and Denial' "

Humor Writing

2nd: Martin Miller for "Where Others Fear to Mud"


3rd: Mike Boehm for "Spit and Polish Styles"

Project Series

1st: Eric Bailey, Peter M. Warren, Dexter Filkins, Gebe Martinez, Matt Lait and Dan Morain "Republican Reign: Orange County Conservatives and the Pursuit of Power"

Beat Reporting Portfolio

1st: Greg Miller for coverage of high technology

3rd: Nancy Wride for coverage of education

Investigative Reporting

1st: Peter M. Warren, Dexter Filkins, Nancy Cleeland and H.G. Reza for "Non-Citizens Say They Voted in Key O.C. District"

Editorial Writing

1st: Stephen Burgard for "Put El Toro Plans in Holding Pattern"

2nd: John Needham for "Orange School Trustees Still Haven't Learned Their Lesson"

3rd: Editorial team for "Reflecting on a Tragedy and Lessons Still Unlearned"

Political Writing

1st: Eric Bailey, Peter Warren, Dexter Filkins for "OC GOP: Setting Sights on the State"

Education Story

1st: Hope Hamashige for "State Cuts Create O.C. School Inequalities"

3rd: Steve Emmons for "[Computer] Search Parties"

Business Story

2nd: Greg Miller and Don Lee for "Comparator Conundrum: Honest Mistake or Con Job"

3rd: Don Lee for "Safety Problems Plague Circuit Board Industry"

Public Service Reporting

2nd: Tracy Weber for "Making Politics Pay"

News Photo

1st: Kari Rene Hall for "Mother Grieving at Hearse"

2nd: Kevin Casey for "Vigil for Boat People"

3rd: Don Bartletti for "Red Cloud, Blue Smoke"

Honorable Mention: Rick Loomis for "O.J. Hides"

Feature Photo

1st: Alexander Gallardo for "Flight Off Big Wave"

2nd: Geraldine Wilkins-Kasinga for "Center of Attention"

3rd: David Fitzgerald for "Hijos del Mar"

Sports Photo

1st: Rick Loomis for "20-Foot Waves"

2nd: Al Schaben for "Flying With Grace"

3rd: Alexander Gallardo for "Take This"

Photo Portrait

1st: Craig Y. Fugii for "CD Romulan"

2nd: Gail Fisher for "Iron Will"

3rd: Rick Loomis for "WWI's Last Bugler"

Photo Illustration

1st: Al Schaben for "Fine Jewelry is Back"

2nd: Kevin Casey for "Skateboard Fashion"

3rd: Mark Boster for "Tea Party Fashion"

Photo Essay

1st: Gail Fisher for "Alexandra the Great"

2nd: Geraldine Wilkins-Kasinga for "Wrestling the Devil"

3rd: Al Schaben for "Surfer's Chapel"

Photo Portfolio

1st: Kari Rene Hall

2nd: Rick Loomis

Illustration Portfolio

1st: Val B. Mina

Graphics Reporting and Research

1st: April Jackson for "Mission"

2nd: Janice Jones

Informational Graphic

2nd: Doris Shields for "Seasonal Migration"


1st (tie): Tracy Boucher for "From Cold to Chile"

1st (tiel): Jim Carr for "101 Donations"

2nd: Rick VanderKnyff for "Full House, Aces High"

Headline Portfolio

1st: Rick Vanderkyff

2nd: Paul Loop

News Page Layout

2nd: Kirk Christ

Feature Page Layout

2nd: Kirk Christ

Portfolio Page Layout

3rd: Kent Zelas


Excellence in Legal Reporting


1st: Ken Ellingwood and Antonio Olivo for "A Family Shattered From Within"

Honorable Mention: Anna Cekola for "Homeless Vet Found Guilty in Test of Ban on Camping"


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