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Maybe Fuzzy Should Have Had This Answer

May 02, 1997|MAL FLORENCE

Golfweek magazine reports that during the recent MCI Classic at Hilton Head Island, S.C., a reporter from People magazine approached Nick Faldo as he was pulling up in his courtesy car.

"Can I ask you about Tiger Woods?" she gushed.

Replied Faldo: "Nope. Not now, not later, not ever."

Trivia time: Which former Dodger pitcher holds the club record for the most one-hit games?

Cooke's legacy: Tom FitzGerald in the San Francisco Chronicle points out that politics and the Redskins are the two main passions in Washington.

"The ombudsman of the Washington Post reported that the funeral of Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke got twice as much coverage in the paper as the funeral of Richard Nixon."

Tarzan complex: John Davis, a University of Houston discus thrower, on why he likes the event: "I like throwing things. It gives me a chance to yell."

Cholesterol alternative: A research nutritionist reports that Orlando has the healthiest food choices of all the 29 arenas in the NBA.

Neal Barnard cites such Orlando Arena choices as pasta with marinara sauce, garden salads, veggie fajitas and baked--not fried--nacho chips.

Nonetheless, Orlando Arena patrons still spend the bulk of their concession money on longtime favorites: hot dogs, popcorn, beer and soft drinks.

Fountain of youth? Woods leads the PGA Tour in driving distance, averaging 291.5 yards. However, three senior tour members aren't that far behind.

John Jacobs, Jay Sigel and Raymond Floyd, all in their early 50s, are averaging 287.9, 285.3 and 284.5 yards, respectively.

Plan on hold: Before M.L. Carr resigned as Boston Celtic coach, he was upbeat about his future despite the team's 15-67 record this season:

"I made a statement three years ago that we're championship-driven. Let me assure you the plan is working, the plan is in place."

Try to find it: From the Good Doctor in Inside Sports magazine:

Q: The Seattle Mariners' 6-foot-10 pitcher Randy Johnson could bat in interleague games this season. Where's his strike zone?

A: Anywhere between the dirt and the screen behind home plate.

Trivia answer: Don Sutton, with five from 1969 to 1977.

And finally: Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz on living and playing in Salt Lake City:

"This place is not for everybody. I love it, but you have to be a little bit country to play here.

"When you live in Salt Lake, you take whatever concert you can get. You don't pick and choose. You just go to the one in town."

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