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From The Heart

May 04, 1997

"Al Norte del Corazon" isn't a telenovela for me, a son of immigrant Europeans ("A Soap With More on Its Mind," by Kevin Baxter, April 20). There is a "Berlin Wall" being erected between ourselves and Mexico. More undocumented immigrants have died at the San Diego border that did those persons escaping from East to West Berlin.

The failed policies of both governments are not being addressed by the people of both our nations, Mexico and America.


San Diego


If programming with the kind of content described in the article were contemplated on an English-speaking network in the U.S., it would be resoundingly protested by an array of activist and advocacy groups. The kind of stereotyping described simply serves to exacerbate tensions in a volatile climate and fuels the fire of prejudice and misunderstanding between communities.



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