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God And 'Ellen'

May 04, 1997

I will concede the implied point Rita Mae Brown makes about the Christian right in her commentary about "Ellen's" coming out: There is a focus that homosexuality bears that other sins do not, and it's often carried to the point that Christians throw the baby out with the bathwater ("The 44-Minute Coming-Out Party," April 27).

But while Christians may be guilty of hating the sinner rather than the sin, Brown simply denies the sin. An honest reading of the Bible makes it very clear that homosexuality is not His will. Brown seriously misreads the Bible if she thinks Matthew 7:1 (which she quotes) gives everyone the freedom to live however they wish simply because Christians are told to judge by a standard with which they would like to be judged. It is not my judgment but God's that Brown (or Ellen DeGeneres, or anyone else) needs to fear.

The message being sent by "Ellen's" coming out and by Brown's article is that we all have a right to live how we want. Well, we do. But don't try to say that however we live is OK with God without checking it out with Him first.




It is hypocritical of Brown to say that Christians are being selective in their reading of the Bible. She says that we should "judge not lest ye be judged." If she had read the Bible she would see that it is God's opinion that we are espousing. Over and over again it is God who denounces homosexuality.

I thought the press was supposed to be unbiased. I wonder why it is not politically incorrect to Christian-bash when all other types of bashing are hailed as wrong.


West Covina

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