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To the ATM

May 04, 1997|Leilani Nisperos

ATM cards were once relied on mostly for the oh-my-God-it's-the-weekend withdrawal. Now, with help from point of sale terminals, which allow merchants to remove funds electronically from a customer's bank account, ATM cards can buy anything from pot-bellied pigs to a fifth of whiskey.

* Number of P.O.S. terminals in the U.S. in 1991: 70,000. In 1997: (estimated)

1 million

* Number of P.O.S. transactions nationally in 1995: 9,689,000

* First local grocery chain to use P.O.S. terminals: Lucky

* First debit card transaction: Dahl's supermarket, Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa, 1977. Purchase: carton of Kools.

* First fast-food restaurant to use P.O.S. terminals: Carl's Jr., in Anaheim .

* Percentage of Carl's Jr. transactions made with P.O.S. terminals: 25.

* Some L.A. establishments that accept ATM payment:

Brothers Collateral Loans

Pleasure Chest

Goldilocks Bakery--"It gives customers more power. For big cakes, we require a 50% deposit," says Catherine Hizon, personnel manager.

For Pets Only

Los Angeles Nut House

Golden Rule Liquor

David Matlock, M.D., cosmetic surgery--"My customers use it for large items like liposuction."

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