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'Bodyscapes': Love, Fashion, Women


As a child growing up in postwar Germany, Ute Margaret Saine wrote her first poem when she was 8.

"I wrote a poem for my brother's birthday April 30, sort of a spring poem," she recalls. "Then my father got hold of it and said all the meter is wrong and the rhymes are wrong. . . . So it should have discouraged me, but it didn't."

Saine, a Spanish professor at Chapman University in Orange, has been writing poetry ever since.

Now, her first book of poetry has been published by Santa Ana-based Pacific Writers Press, the tiny publishing house run by novelist and UC Irvine professor Alejandro Morales.

"Bodyscapes" ($12) is a collection of 78 poems, including one in Spanish. Subject matter ranges from love to fashion and the human body--"the matches and mismatches" between the two--to how women have been represented through the ages.

One poem, "Lot's Wife," begins, "The woman, no name, no life, except/the function: mother, wife. . . ."

Lot's wife, says Saine, "doesn't do anything bad, but all of a sudden she is turned into a statue of salt. I question why that would happen. I feel that women are still not considered as equal human beings. We have made progress, but we're not quite there yet, and we may be going backward."

Saine, 54, says she doesn't write long poems. "The Gardener," a poem in "Bodyscapes" that delicately deals with her being molested as a toddler, originally "was very long, but I just cut, cut, cut. I don't write poems that are over one page in length if I can help it."

Adds Saine: "I think most people write poetry--at least I do--when it's something I can't deal with in a rational way like writing an essay. I just kind of explore it in a very personal way. That's when I write poetry, when I feel I can't say it any other way."

Saine says the title of her book refers to how people "view the landscape as a body and the body as a landscape."

Saine, who speaks seven languages, says she always wrote her poems in German until seven years ago "because I always believed you could only write poetry in your native language."

But, she says, she always would tuck her poems away in drawers because she didn't have anyone to share them with.

She stopped writing poetry in German in 1990 after Orange County poets Julian Palley and Florinda Mintz asked her to help found PEN Orange County. "I decided, well, now I have a group of poets to share my work with and I had better write in English."

For information about purchasing "Bodyscapes" (Pacific Writers Press; $12), call Pacific Writers Press at (714) 832-6778.


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