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Custody Case

May 04, 1997

Re "Mother's Harvard Goal vs. Father's Rights," April 27: I was touched by Gina Ocon's story, but she's wrong on one point: She is a statistic. Earning a GPA of 3.9 or not, she's the mother of one more unplanned child that I, as a taxpayer, am supporting. I say let Harvard, in its great largess, take over for me.

At such a young age, Ocon already seems to have a fairly entrenched sense of entitlement. I just hope that with all the public- and private-funded support thrown her way, she ends up fulfilling both her dreams and her promise to society.


Los Angeles

* The sad saga of the unwed mother and the father who wants custody of his daughter even though he is not paying child support has me, as usual, perplexed and angry and disgusted.

Gina Ocon wonders what her "summer fling" will cost her. As a taxpayer, I am wondering what it is going to cost us, the public.

Why is this father who comes from an affluent family not supporting his child? Why is this intelligent mother not working? She feels she is being penalized by the father asking for custody, therefore making it impossible for her to return to Harvard.

This young woman had a marvelous future and she blew it. I say that this irresponsible pair should shoulder the cost of caring for their child in any way that is necessary. The father should not have the privilege of asking for custody until he pays child support. And she should get a job.


San Diego

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