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Bad Dog, Lobo

May 04, 1997

I enjoyed "Tail of the City" (Weekend Escape, April 13) by Edward Wright about visiting San Francisco with his wife and 90-pound German shepherd, Lobo.

Although I'm a cat owner (so presumably a dog-hating "grouch"), I have two dear friends who own a well-behaved German shepherd, so I feel qualified to offer a few suggestions.

Lobo was allowed to lick a man in the face who was "preoccupied with his thoughts," "lunge toward" and frighten two men in a cafe, somehow cause problems with the elderly and toddlers, and "swing his head curiously toward the woman sitting next door" on the bus.

This is bad behavior, and it's not the dog's fault. The owners need to learn to be more sensitive and respectful of other people and to control their animal better.



Thanks for identifying the Laurel Motor Inn [where the author stayed with his dog]. I avoid any accommodations that allow pets in guest rooms. It was particularly disgusting to see the dog stretched out on the bedspread, which the next unsuspecting customers will use. Don't get me wrong--I love dogs. My dog Chi-Chi, a chow, is one of my best friends.

However, when my wife and I travel, our dog stays at home in a veterinary kennel, where he has large, comfortable quarters. And our fellow travelers don't have to put up with dog hairs and dander in their beds, or with the "instant recoil and look of fear" upon being confronted by our dog.


Los Angeles

It's amazing how similar dog owners and parents of small children have become. Anyone who objects to the pet or child . . . is a grouch, or, as the author put it, probably a cat owner.

I resent that. I am a cat owner. I also love dogs and animals in general. But large dogs are intimidating, and many can be dangerous. Realizing those facts doesn't make one a grouch.

I did, however, enjoy Wright's article. I would be happy to share space anywhere with Lobo. He sounds like a sweetheart to me!



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