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A Network for Computer Networks

May 05, 1997

Computer networking professionals are gathering in Las Vegas this week for NetWorld+Interop 97, the biggest annual conference on the complicated systems that are used to connect computers with one another.

Once the preserve of highly specialized computer scientists, networking is now a hot topic for everyone from high-tech investors to consumer software developers--mainly thanks to the rise of the Internet. Topics to be addressed at NetWorld+Interop this year include Internet connections, high-speed networking, wireless technology, security, bandwidth, global networking, computer telephony, broad-band access technologies and intranets.

Also on the schedule are tutorials on planning strategies and on ways to put networking, Internet and intranet solutions to work.

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* In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is today, head to the Cybrary of the Holocaust ( to read survivors' stories and poems, look at Alan Jacobs' pictures of the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps, or take a chilling virtual tour of Auschwitz. The Holocaust Forgotten Memorial ( is a nonprofit group that memorializes the non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The site has survivor accounts and related links as well as stories about Poles who rescued Jews from the Holocaust. The Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance is online at At the site you can find answers to 36 questions about the Holocaust as well as look up Holocaust terms.

* Hoy tambien es el Cinco de Mayo. To read up on the history and significance of the day, head to edu/demo/cinco.html. You can read the history in Spanish if you prefer (don't worry, an English translation runs right alongside it) at At http://, you'll find what ingredients you'll need to make the Mexican stew menudo.

* The National Assn. of Television Program Executives Animation & Special Effects Expo is this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. To read about the expo or check out the seminars, exhibitions and events planned, head to Digital City Los Angeles is hosting its first Internet Animation Festival, and you can see the finalists at The winners will be announced at the expo.

* On Friday, many USC seniors will be receiving their diplomas, and now you can be a part of the celebration. The school will be having a Webcast of the ceremony, which will include an address by 1996 vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp. Point your browser to

* "M is for the million things she gave me. . . ." If you don't know the rest of the poem, better head to before Sunday. While you're there, you can read the rest of the poem or learn about the history of Mother's Day (see, it's not just a Hallmark holiday). If you want to send your mom an online card to tell her you love her, point your browser to The Mother of All Mother's Day Sites ( mothers.html) has all sorts of links to honor the special day--though the Yo-Yo Ma biography and Mother Jones magazine sites may not be what you had in mind.

* Sixteen "Mothers Who've Taken Action" will be profiled as part of a Mother's Day special series at Some of the celebrated mothers include Eve Nichol, the mother of 1993 abduction-murder victim Polly Klaas; Meryl Streep and Wendy Gordon, founders of Mothers & Others; and Katherine Prescott, president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

* Colleagues and fans of the late Chicago Tribune columnist Mike Royko are sharing their thoughts and feelings about his passing at

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