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Thanks, Mom, for Everything

May 06, 1997|SHARI ROAN

If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Recognizing this to be true, we're sucking up to Ma all this week with excerpts from the latest books on motherhood as we count down to Mother's Day on Sunday.

Today's selection is from "Thanks Mom" by Sherry Conway Appel (St. Martin's Press).

Thanks, Mom, for . . .

* Singing to me.

* Making snowmen with me.

* Feeling my forehead and instantly knowing if I was coming down with something.

* Changing the sheets so the bed was crisp and cool when I was hot and tired.

* Saving my artistic efforts and putting them up on the refrigerator for all the world to see.

* Admiring just about everything I did.

* Making me spend time with all of my relatives.

* Not crying when I went away to summer camp.

* Teaching me to "look it up."

* Letting go.

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