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May 09, 1997


17. CASTAIC LAKE--Winds have closed the ramp and kept pressure down most of the week. No large bass reported, but a few five-pounders have been caught on water dogs, crawdads and plastic worms. Some trout being caught in upper and lower reservoirs.

18. LAKE PIRU--Some trout being caught by trollers using Rapalas and Needlefish. Largemouth action slow to fair, bass biting mainly on plastic worms and smaller grubs at 20-25 feet. Occasional bluegills and crappies caught at north end.

19. PYRAMID LAKE--No report.

20. LAKE CACHUMA--Trout bite good near dam. Several limits. John McGinnes, Tujunga, 4 1/2-pound trout, on night crawler. Brad Hart, Ventura, 10-pound stringer of trout, on Needlefish at dam. Largemouth action fair at 10-15 feet, bass biting mostly on spinnerbaits and night crawlers.

21. LAKE CASITAS--Top bass one 11 pounds 8 ounces by Jim Unger, Bellflower, on live shad. Several post-spawn fish five-eight pounds, most on plastic worms and shad. Catfish biting at five-eight feet. Lance Pulley, Ojai, 13-pound catfish, on mackerel. Trout action fair at Coyote ramp.

22. CORONA LAKE--About 3,500 pounds of rainbow trout were stocked in the last week. Double-limits--10 fish a person--are allowed today through Sunday and the no-limit rule is in effect Monday through Thursday at this privately managed fishery because if the trout aren't caught, they will die when the water temperature rises a few more degrees.

23. SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES--Picture Corona Lake, but on a larger scale. About 10,000 pounds of trout have gone in. Same rules are in effect as at Corona. Catfish remain under stricter guidelines--five a person--and the bite is rated fair on night crawlers.

24. IRVINE LAKE--Trout still active, but so are bass, catfish and crappies. Biggest trout, an 11-pounder by Michael Lahr, Huntington Beach, on homemade lure at dam.

25. LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Catfish have replaced bass and trout as the fish of choice, thanks to a recent plant of 5,000 pounds of channel cats of one-three pounds. Limits common, with mackerel and shrimp fished at night getting most. Still some bass being caught, mostly on night crawlers and top-water plugs in the evenings. Trout bite is history.

26. LAKE SKINNER--No wide-open bites, but a little of everything. A 35-pound stringer of catfish was weighed in, caught on mackerel and anchovies, as was a 19-pound stringer of striped bass taken on chicken livers, and a 49-pound stringer of catfish and stripers caught on anchovies. Night crawlers getting some largemouth bass.

27. LAKE PERRIS--Lots of small bass taken on plastic worms and night crawlers, bluegills on mealworms, red worms and crickets, and limits of trout on trolled shiny lures. No big fish to speak of.

28. SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Largest bass one 11-2 at Otay by Jeff Row, Lakeside, on a crawdad. Fair bites continue at Otay, El Capitan, Hodges and Sutherland. The best bite, mostly for small bass, is at San Vicente, where a 6-8 catch topped the charts. Bluegill action steady at these lakes as well. Some crappies at El Capitan and catfish at Hodges.

29. LAKE CUYAMACA--Largemouth bass active to about 25 feet, biting on shiners and green and pumpkinseed-colored plastic worms. Stephen Sullivan, El Cajon, 10-6 bass, on Power Grub at south end. Trout action has slowed, but some limits filled on Power Bait and Trout Teasers. Crappie bite fair.

30. BIG BEAR LAKE--Trout bite good. Limits common. Largemouth bass action at Grout Bay and Windy Point. A 5-6 bass was caught by Glenn Ray, San Dimas, on a plastic worm at Windy Point. Crappie bite fair and Stanfield area, Big Bear Marina and Lighthouse area.

31. BISHOP--Lake Sabrina edging South Lake as best bet, with limits being taken on salmon eggs and Power Bait. A 4-4 rainbow was caught by Steve Griffith, Lancaster, on rainbow sparkle Power Bait. South still fair to good. Road to North Lake still closed but hikers-in are catching limits. Intake II and Bishop Creek fair. Owens River producing fair yields on crickets and worms. Pleasant Valley Reservoir slow to fair on bubble-and-fly rigs.

32. MAMMOTH LAKES--Crowley Lake action fair in mornings and evenings, with Needlefish, Rapalas and Thomas Buoyants working for trollers, green Power Bait and inflated night crawlers and night crawler-marshmallow combos good for bait fishermen. Best flies: olive and brown matukas and cinnamon leeches. Salmon eggs good on Rock Creek. Rock Creek Lake finally has some open water and trout are waking up. Hot Creek yielding some fish to pheasant-tail nymphs and caddis-larvae patterns. Owens River fishing above Benton Crossing fair. Black woolly buggers, Hornbergs and No. 14 hares ear flies best. Convict Lake producing some fish on Thomas Buoyant lures. Twin Lakes fishing good with Twin Lakes Special flies. Lakes Mamie, Mary and George still iced over.

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