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Taking a Stand

May 10, 1997

Re: "A Line Is Drawn in TV Newsroom" (May 3). Carol Marin's loss to responsible journalism is indeed a disaster, as one qualified observer in Chicago put it, but advances against overwhelming odds are never made without great losses.

Carol Marin has given all she had to give, but in doing so she has made a contribution to "the celebration" of her profession that is over the heads of the Jerry Springers on the TV scene today.

Springer and his ilk are suspicious of Marin's motives because "integrity" is a word they don't understand. Or maybe they do but pay it no heed because it's not the quickest, easiest way to the money. Maybe it isn't, but anyone concerned with the triumph of truth over exploitation has to applaud the "solid line in the highway" that this modern-day Joan of Arc has chosen not to cross.

I also applaud The Times for giving the story the major coverage it deserved.


Los Angeles

Who cares about some petulant tiff between two infantile second-rate television personalities who are not even seen in this market?

Why did you waste space and the energies of not one, but two writers over this drivel? No more on Carol Marin or Jerry Springer, please, whoever they are. Do your job. Serve your readers, not some antic agenda.


Redondo Beach

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