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Breaking the Ice

Whether or not 'Titanic' sets sail this season, there's plenty of competition for filmgoers' attention and dollars. 'Hercules,' 'Speed 2' and a little dinosaur epic from Spielberg will see to that.

May 11, 1997


Sprung. Pals Joe Torry and Paula Jai Parker regret their matchmaking when true love threatens to take friends Rusty Cundieff and Tisha Campbell away from them. Cundieff ("Tales From the Hood") also co-wrote and directs. (Trimark)


Fetishes. Documentarian Nick Bloomfield, who excavated a world of sleaze in "Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam," checks up on the dungeons-and-domination crowd. (Lafayette Film)

Irma Vep. Hong Kong star Maggie Cheung goes to Paris, where she lands in the middle of a chaotic film production. Jean-Pierre Leaud plays the temperamental director in this cineaste satire. (Zeitgeist Films)

Love! Valour! Compassion! Jason Alexander joins the Broadway cast in the film version of Terrence McNally's Tony Award winner about eight gay friends. The play's director Joe Mantello does the honors. (Fine Line)

A Mongolian Tale. Xie Fei directs a time-spanning love story about a Chinese boy raised by a nomadic Mongolian family. (New Yorker Films)

Night Falls on Manhattan. Sidney Lumet's film stars Andy Garcia as an idealistic New York D.A. whose encounters with the system's corruption shatter his world. Richard Dreyfuss plays his courtroom adversary. (Paramount)

Rudyard Kipling's the Second Jungle Book. Jamie Williams plays the 10-year-old Mowgli in a family adventure based on the classic story. (TriStar)

Twin Town. This black comedy is set in South Wales, where the twin sons of an injured worker hatch a revenge scheme against the town's kingpin. (Gramercy)

MAY 23

Addicted to Love. Meg Ryan, Matthew Broderick, Kelly Preston and Tcheky Karyo star in a romantic roundelay about two spurned lovers who team up to spy on their exes. (Warner Bros.)

Brassed Off. Conflicts and harmony both surface in this story of a brass band in Yorkshire, England, set against the controversial mining pit closures of 1992-93. (Miramax)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Director Steven Spielberg and star Jeff Goldblum return for the sequel--and so does something else, as Goldblum's Dr. Malcolm discovers. (Universal)

Schizopolis. This Dada-esque entry from "sex, lies, and videotape" director Steven Soderbergh features the filmmaker in dual roles--as a gray bureaucrat and a lecherous dentist. (Northern Arts)

MAY 30

Drunks. Richard Lewis, Dianne Wiest, Faye Dunaway, Spalding Gray, Parker Posey, Amanda Plummer and the late Howard Rollins form the cast in the story of a group of recovering alcoholics. (Northern Arts)

Gone Fishin'. Pals Joe Pesci and Danny Glover become embroiled with detectives Rosanna Arquette and Lynn Whitfield and con man Nick Brimble. (Walt Disney)

La Promesse. In this French entry, a 15-year-old boy is torn between loyalty to his unscrupulous father and his friendship with his victims--as well as his own developing morality. (New Yorker Films)

Ripe. Twin sisters are freed by fate from their sadistic father, but his legacy resurfaces. Written and directed by Mo Ogrodnik. (Trimark)

Rough Magic. Bridget Fonda and Russell Crowe star in a romantic adventure based on James Hadley Chase's novel "Miss Shumway Waves a Wand." (Goldwyn Entertainment Co.)

'Til There Was You. "Thirtysomething" honcho Scott Winant (director) and "My So-Called Life" creator Winnie Holzman (writer) tell the story of a destined romance between Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dylan McDermott. (Paramount)

Timothy Leary's Dead. The LSD guru's final days are documented by director Paul Davids, whose overview combines vintage footage with film of Leary before his death. (Strand)

Trial and Error. "My Cousin Vinny" director Jonathan Lynn returns to the comic courtroom, with Michael Richards as an actor who fills in for his attorney friend Jeff Daniels to defend a man in a fraud trial. (New Line)

The Van. Director Stephen Frears follows "The Commitments" and "The Snapper" with the third installment of Roddy Doyle's Barrytown trilogy, about two friends and their mobile fish-and-chips enterprise. (Fox Searchlight)


Bliss. Unconventional sex therapist Terence Stamp is the focus of a journey of self-discovery for young couple Craig Sheffer and Sheryl Lee. (Triumph)

Buddy. The true story of an eccentric socialite (Rene Russo) who raises an infant gorilla. Caroline Thompson directs from her own script. (Columbia)

Con Air. Parolee Nicolas Cage and U.S. Marshal John Cusack contend with John Malkovich and his band of hardened federal prisoners, who have hijacked a plane on the way to a new prison. (Touchstone)

The Designated Mourner. In his on-screen debut, Mike Nichols joins Miranda Richardson in a film version of the Wallace Shawn-David Hare stage success about the death of culture. (First Look)

Late Bloomers. The title characters in this romantic comedy are a geometry teacher and a high school secretary whose lesbian affair throws their community into an uproar. (Strand)

Mouth to Mouth. Spain's Manuel Gomez Pereira directs Javier Berdem as a struggling actor who gets sidetracked by a phone sex job. (Miramax)

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