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May 11, 1997

As one who regularly appreciates the thoughtfulness and insight of Bill Boyarsky's "The Spin," I was appalled by the elitism reflected in his May 4 column suggesting that the candidates for L.A. police chief not be asked to offer their views at public hearings on the many problems besetting the LAPD.

As chair of an organization that sponsored an April forum on "The LAPD in the 21st Century," featuring three of the most prominently mentioned candidates for chief--David Gascon, Mark Kroeker and Bernard Parks--I believe this discussion proved as valuable for the Jewish community as it did for the candidates.

If nothing else, our city's immediate past history has taught us the critical importance of ensuring public confidence in those charged with supervising our law enforcement superstructure. There is no more important unelected position in this community.


Chair, Urban Affairs Commission

Jewish Community

Relations Committee

Jewish Federation Council

of Greater Los Angeles

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