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Triple Play No Help for Cubs

May 11, 1997|From Associated Press

Kirk Rueter, tagged out in an odd triple play in which the Cubs took advantage of the infield-fly rule and the wind, atoned by pitching eight shutout innings as the San Francisco Giants beat Chicago, 4-2, Saturday at San Francisco.

Rueter (2-0) gave up four hits, struck out a career-high eight and walked none.

Rueter's baserunning, however, was not quite as sharp in the fifth inning when the Cubs turned the first triple play in the majors this season.

The Giants led, 3-0, when Rueter opened with a single off Amaury Telemaco (0-2) and took second on Darryl Hamilton's single.

Stan Javier lofted a fly into shallow center field and second base umpire Bob Davidson waited before calling the infield fly rule--meaning Javier was automatically out and the runners could advance at their own risk.

Battling the sun and wind at a park known for notorious conditions, three Cubs lunged for the ball before it bounced off center fielder Brian McRae's glove and hit the ground.

Rueter took off for third, and was thrown out by McRae. Hamilton hesitated and then tried for second, but third baseman Jose Hernandez's throw to Ryne Sandberg beat him.

The Giants won without Barry Bonds, who was out because of flu.

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