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Oftelie Wants to Drive Taxi Permit Change

May 13, 1997|Patrice Apodaca

Stan Oftelie, who is leaving his post as the head of the Orange County Transportation Authority, assumes his new position as president and chief executive of the Orange County Business Council on Monday.

What is Oftelie's first order of business at the council?

"I've been over there one time, and I wanted to know where the men's room is," he quipped. "Where do I park--that's another one."

After those questions are answered, Oftelie said, he'll spend some time talking with council members and "trying to get my arms around what the major issues are."

He believes there are many opportunities for the business community to influence public policy. For instance, he said, taxi drivers must now apply for separate licenses to operate in every city in the county. "That restriction tends to make sure there isn't a vibrant taxi industry in Orange County," he said.

Oftelie plans to lobby for a countywide taxi licensing system. "It's a specific example of the type of government restriction that can be limited to benefit business and the community," he said.

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