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Trustees to Debate Policing on Campuses


Trustees will debate expanding the Anaheim Union High School District's community policing program at a special meeting today.

The joint program between the district and the Anaheim Police Department consists of two investigators and a district employee, who work with students and teachers to cut gang activity.

But Trustee Harald G. Martin, who is also an Anaheim police officer, said he would like to have one officer assigned to each of the district's 16 campuses.

"What I'm hoping to see is officers on campus that can work with that campus and be a problem solver," Martin said. "The officer will become a part of that campus and when the kids see those blue uniforms, they'll say thank you."

Such a strong police presence concerned Trustee Joanne L. Stanton, who said she would like to maintain safe campuses with the smallest possible number of uniformed officers. Stanton said the workshop will give trustees a chance to discuss all the options for expanding the program.

"We're all looking for the same result," Stanton said. "How we get there is going to differ."

Representatives from the Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress and La Palma police departments also are expected to attend the meeting.

The program has been credited with lowering campus crime by 49% and last year received recognition from the U.S. General Accounting Office as one of the four best of its kind nationwide.

The meeting starts at 4 p.m. at the district offices, 501 Crescent Way, Anaheim.

Information: (714) 999-3511.

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