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'True Women' ride CBS; 3-D '3rd Rock' on NBC; 'Mad About You' delivers as 'Roseanne' signs off



"3rd Rock From the Sun" / 8 p.m. NBC

May has been packed with highly touted events, one of them being the 3-D season finale of this zany comedy. The one-hour episode includes elaborate dream sequences for each of the alien Solomons: Dick frets about his marriage proposal to Mary; Sally speaks Italian in a subtitled, Felliniesque segment; Tommy races to finish a report for the Big Giant Head, and oddball Harry (French Stewart) sings a number from the Randy Newman musical "Faust."


"True Women" / 9 p.m. CBS; concludes Tuesday

A tale of love and conflict based on the book by Janice Woods Windle, this frontier saga covers 30 years in the lives of three women: the strong-willed Sarah (Dana Delany), independent Euphemia (Annabeth Gish) and self-absorbed Georgia (Angelina Jolie). In Part 1, young Euphemia (Tina Majorino) joins older sister Sarah in Texas, circa 1835, where they flee from the forces of General Santa Anna after the fall of the Alamo.


"David Blaine: Street Magic" / 8 p.m. ABC

Casually clad in a gray shirt and black pants, young David Blaine performs nifty tricks on the streets of New York, Atlantic City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Unlike FX-driven illusionists, Blaine makes an impression sans props or glitzy sets. In one sleight-of-hand bit, he somehow switches the suits of two cards held in a person's hand. In addition, Blaine bites the top off a quarter, which suddenly reappears with a puff of his breath, and later lifts himself off the ground. How can that be? Hey, it's magic.


"Detention: Siege at Johnson High" / 9 p.m. ABC

Rick Schroder complements his recent first-rate work as a coddled son in the obsessive-mother movie "Too Close to Home" with another good performance in this absorbing film inspired by an actual incident. Armed with a shotgun and a bag stocked with ammo, a disturbed ex-student (Schroder) opens fire on the teacher he blames for ruining his life. The violent shooting spree leads to a tense hostage crisis in which a belittled deputy (Henry Winkler) is reluctantly thrust into the pivotal role as negotiator.


"Mad About You" / 8 p.m. NBC

Oh baby, it's time for Jamie Buchman to deliver. And that she finally does in an hourlong season-ender titled "The Birth." Jamie (Helen Hunt), who learned she was pregnant in last year's finale, calls husband Paul (Paul Reiser) after feeling her first contractions. There are complications, of course, as Paul gets caught up in a media circus surrounding injured actor Bruce Willis (playing himself), who is being treated at the same hospital.


"Roseanne" / 8 p.m. ABC

Bold, brash and steadfast in her vision of the series, Roseanne bids farewell after nine solid seasons. From a creative standpoint, the last season of this caustic blue-collar comedy was its weakest as the Conners won millions in the state lottery, resulting in outrageous spending sprees and minimal hilarity. In the finale, David and Darlene bring their baby home, prompting a celebration in which friends and family share their hopes and dreams for the child's future.


"The 24th Annual Daytime Awards" / 8 p.m. ABC

Co-hosts Regis Philbin and Susan Lucci will be all smiles when the two-hour telecast gets underway at New York's Radio City Music Hall. But how chipper will they be when the show is over? Philbin's "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" is nominated for best talk show and the luckless Lucci in nominated for the 17th time (without a win) as lead actress in a daytime drama. Overall, "The Young and the Restless" leads the field with 20 nods, followed by "General Hospital" (18) and "Days of Our Lives" (10).


"Wings" / 9 p.m. NBC

This appealing, character-driven comedy comes in for a landing after eight seasons, many of which soared and some that just crashed and burned. In the one-hour finale, which offers an agreeable mix of laughs and sentiment, Joe (Tim Daly) finds a suitcase with $1,000, a key and a cryptic note from his father that reads, "There's a lot more where this came from."

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