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And Tiger Thinks He Has Golf's Most Rabid Fans

May 18, 1997|MAL FLORENCE

Has your golf game gone to the dogs? Don't try to tell Buddy Gardner and Rocky Walcher about it.

They were playing the second round of the Nike Dominion Open in Glen Allen, Va., on Friday when they were confronted by a pack of aggressive dogs.

"They came out of the woods at us. We had to swing our clubs at them to keep them away," Gardner said.

No one was bitten and Gardner kept his concentration to shoot a 67.

Trivia time: Byron Nelson Classic leader Tiger Woods has made the cut in all 16 events he has played as a pro. What is the record for consecutive cuts made?

Heisman home: With the signing of backup quarterback Andre Ware, the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League claim they are the first team in pro football history to have two Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks on their roster.

The other is starting quarterback Doug Flutie. Ware won the 1989 Heisman while at University of Houston. Flutie was the 1984 Heisman winner while playing for Boston College.

Pain persists: Boston Celtic owner Paul Gaston, on rumors Red Auerbach is being pushed into retirement: "He's going to continue to be a pain in the [butt] for years."

New status: Ron Borges in the Boston Globe: "Speaking of the Forum [in Inglewood], publicist and former boxing scribe John Beyrooty took positive thinking to a new high in a recent release when he called super-featherweight Jose Badillo (19-1) 'nearly undefeated.' Either you are or you aren't."

Bay Area dreamer: Bruce Jenkins in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Indulge in some pure fantasy for a moment. [Phil] Jackson leaves Chicago to coach the Lakers. Michael Jordan, true to his word, comes along.

"A massive deal sees the Lakers unload everybody but Shaq and Kobe. And baby, it's 'Showtime' again. That is a fantasy, isn't it?"

Drink up: Detroit Tiger pitcher Willie Blair, hit in the face by a line drive, has a broken jaw and can't eat solid food for the rest of the month.

He received a visit from Tiger General Manager Randy Smith, who brought him a present--a blender.

Worm analysis: Rick Telander in the Chicago Sun-Times, on Dennis Rodman: "He has long reminded me in theory of the pouty, motorcycle greaser played by Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One.' 'What are you rebelling against?' some small-town simpleton asks Brando. 'Whaddaya got?' replies the rebel."

Trivia answer: Byron Nelson, 113, in the 1940s.

And finally: After a backlash from fans outraged by the announcement that they would not be allowed to carry food or drinks into Arizona Diamondback home games, the National League expansion team is reconsidering its stance.

"The acronym for Bank One Ballpark is BOB--not BYOB," Arizona Republic columnist David Casstevens wrote, envisioning "food police" confiscating jawbreakers and M&Ms from children.

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