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Airline Seat Strategies

May 18, 1997

If you want to maximize your personal space when flying coach, learn how to take advantage of the plane's setup and get a pre-assigned seat. Some suggestions:

To Avoid...: Center-seat crunch on 747s, A300s

Ask for...: Aisle seat, center section

Why? Middle seats in s wide-body's center section are typically assigned last, so you could end up with extra space if the flight is not full.


To Avoid...: Zero recline

Ask for...: Anything but the last row

Why? Seats here often don't recline. Ditto for some rows ahead of bathrooms, galleys and closets.


To Avoid...: Cramped legs

Ask for...: Bulkhead rows or

Why? Merciful extra inches. Be sure to book early. These seats go quickly.

Ask for...: Exit or emergency row

Why? More legroom, By law, only able-bodied adults traveling without children can sit here.

Source: Travel Holiday Magazine

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