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When the Phone Met the PC . . .


The iPhone is the latest smart telephone about to hit the market. And wait till you see what it can do.

Due out in August, the compact iPhone has a black-and-white touch screen embedded in the face of the phone and a pullout keyboard that lets you surf the Net, send and receive e-mail, and use Caller ID and Call Waiting.

This high-end speakerphone has built-in software and simply plugs into a phone jack. It has its own Web browser, and additional software functions permit you to browse for local phone numbers. When you find the number you want, touch the screen and the phone dials the number.

The iPhone, say manufacturer Cidco's reps, will come with an Internet service provider, so it will be able to access any information that a PC can. And if you're looking at a Web site and want to answer the ringing phone, iPhone's memory function will remember where you were and return to that Web page after you've finished your call.

The iPhone will cost about $499. For more information, call Cidco at (800) 468-8358.

Whip It Good: For those with a yen for fancy lattes and mocha concoctions, the new Coffee Cream Whipper may be just the thing.

From iSi North America, this little machine is easy to operate, and will make a variety of fresh cream and flavored toppings. Just fill the container with the desired ingredients, insert the charge (10 single charger cartridges are included) and dispense the cream.

One pint of cream yields about 4 pints of whipped cream, according to iSi. The whipper is also handy for making dips, mousse and salad dressing (recipes are included).

Available in black or white, the Coffee Cream Whipper costs $44.95. Call iSs North America at (800) 211-9608.

I Get Misty: In the why-didn't-somebody-think-of-this-before category: the Big Squeeze Mist n' Pour spray bottle. It's a watering jug and mister in one. It has a side spout and a long trigger handle on the top that can be set for spray or stream.

Manufactured by Take 5 in Rogue River, Ore., the unusual bottle holds 40 fluid ounces and displays both ounce and metric calibrations for measuring plant foods. It also has a wide platform base that resists tipping.

The Big Squeeze Mist n' Pour (suggested retail, $9.95) is guaranteed to last two years. Call Take 5 at (888) 582-2700.

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