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Gin and Juice

May 21, 1997|DONNA DEANE

Gene and Georgetti's is a Chicago landmark restaurant well-known for its giant steaks and great drinks. Whenever I'm in Chicago, I have dinner there. On my most recent trip, while waiting for a table, I overheard a young couple ordering Dirty Martinis. Lambros Perulous, the bartender, served up the drinks without question. "What are they?" I asked. "Oh, it's a regular martini with just enough olive juice to make it cloudy." Hmmm. Sounds perfect with steak. Here is Perulous' recipe.


1 1/2 shots vodka or gin

Wave of dry vermouth

Few drops olive juice

Crushed ice

Pimiento-stuffed olive or twist of lemon

Measure vodka, vermouth and olive juice into cocktail shaker. Add handful of crushed ice. Shake few times to chill, then pour into chilled martini glass. Add olive or lemon twist.

1 martini.

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