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Zoeller Says Sorry, Woods Needs Time

May 21, 1997|From Associated Press

FORT WORTH — Try as he might to say the incident has been put to rest, Tiger Woods still seems troubled by the tone of Fuzzy Zoeller's racially insensitive comments.

The two golfers spoke Tuesday for the first time since the fried chicken and collard greens remarks at the Masters last month. Zoeller apologized and Woods accepted the apology, but although Woods said, "Now it's done, it's over," there was an undercurrent in his words.

"Over time I think we will all see that it's an incident that was good for golf," said Woods, who is of multiracial heritage. "It will take some time to understand it."

Woods said last week he was disturbed that Zoeller, after making the fried chicken remark, then turned and added, "and collard greens, or whatever the hell they serve." He remained upset by it after their meeting.

"I have a problem with anyone saying it in that tone," Woods said.

Woods said the meeting lasted 20 minutes and Zoeller placed it at 12.

"Fuzzy and I had a nice lunch and a nice conversation and I found out some things I needed to know," Woods said at Colonial Country Club, site of this week's PGA Tour event. "Now I understand where he was coming from."

Zoeller, who tried at least twice to speak with Woods previously but did not have his calls returned, said he was relieved to finally have met with him.

"I did do apologies. I told him I meant no harm by [the remarks]," Zoeller said.

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