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Catch a Wave

May 23, 1997

Getting atop a moving surfboard is a three-step process:

1. From the prone, push torso up into ready position

2. Bring lead foot up and place flat on deck, centered on board

3. Stay in crouched position, which lowers center of gravity

4. Stand up in one fluid motion

Two Tips

Get your hands off the sides as quickly as possible

Avoid going to your knees first, which starts you wobbling

Goofy Foot or Regular?

No, this isn't a Disneyland test. Most surf instructors have students jump high off the sand. The foot you come down on that is forward is in most cases your normal lead foot. If it's the left one, you're a regular foot. Regulars plant the trail (right) foot over the board's rear fins to turn it. If you're a goofy foot, your left foot will be over the fins.

Surf Camps

Here's a selection of places in Orange County where you can learn to surf:

Endless Summer Surf Camp

Director: Jason Senn

Begins: June 23; five- and seven-day sessions

Cost: $225 and up

Location: San Onofre State Park

Information: (714) 498-7862

Summer Fun Surf Camp

Director: Steve Speck

Begins: June 23

Cost: $495 for five days, includes food and lodging

Location: San Clemente State Park

Information: (714) 361-9526

Surf City Surfing Lessons--Danger Woman (all-girls clinic)

Director: Kim Hamrock

Begins: June 23

Cost: $395

Location: Bolsa Chica State Beach

Information: (714) 898-2088

Paskowitz Surf Camp

Director: Israel Paskowitz

Begins: June 6

Cost: $980 includes food and lodging for a week

Location: San Onofre state beach

Information: (714) 443-5001

Source: Four-time U.S. women's amateur surfing champion Kim Hamrock, pro surfer Jason Senn

Researched by DAVID REYES / Los Angeles Times

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