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Haun's Attorneys Seek Separate Trial

May 24, 1997|TRACY WILSON

Attorneys for murder suspect Diana Haun have asked a judge for a separate trial to prevent the possibility of finger pointing with co-defendant Michael Dally.

Dally and Haun, both 36, are awaiting a joint trial on murder and related charges for allegedly kidnapping and slaying his wife, Sherri, last year.

But in a motion filed Thursday, Deputy Public Defender Neil B. Quinn asks that the case be severed to avoid any antagonistic defense strategies that may arise during the trial.

"[The] defense freely concedes that a joint trial is preferred . . . unless there is a serious risk of prejudice to one or more of the defendants," Quinn writes.

An antagonistic or surprise defense presented by Dally's attorneys against Haun would create such a prejudice, Quinn argues in his motion.

In addition, he says, the romantic relationship between the two defendants could cause a jury to sentence them as a union even though the evidence against them may be different.

Dally and Haun were having an affair at the time of Sherri Dally's slaying.

Quinn also filed accompanying materials listing factual reasons that the case should be split, but those were submitted under seal.

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