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Now He Should Say, 'Show Me the Residuals!'

May 25, 1997|MAL FLORENCE

"Show me the money!" It has become a cliche. It is heard virtually everywhere. It was shouted by Cuba Gooding Jr., who won an Academy Award for playing a pro football player in the movie "Jerry Maguire."

This now-famous phrase was actually uttered four years ago by soft-spoken San Francisco 49er safety Tim McDonald when he was seeking a new contract as an NFL free agent.

"A screenwriter named Cameron Crowe was tagging along with him, doing research for a movie project called 'Jerry Maguire' and recorded the words for posterity," writes Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News.

Said McDonald, the former USC All-American: "I said, basically I'm tired of traveling to see all these teams and going through all that talk. And then I said, given everything I've been through, sooner or later somebody has to show me the money. And he [Crowe] just took off and ran with it."

McDonald should have at least received some "Jerry Maguire" screen credits.

Trivia time: Who are the only two players other than Michael Jordan to have their numbers retired by the Chicago Bulls?

Skeptic: Former tennis standout Mats Wilander said he used cocaine unknowingly during the 1995 French Open, prompting Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune to comment: "What, did somebody hijack his nose?"

No wimp: The Chicago Cubs' Terry Mulholland is one of the few major league pitchers who doesn't ice his arm after a game.

"The only thing ice is good for is scotch," Mulholland said.

The lion's share: Lee Rinker, runner-up to Tiger Woods in the Byron Nelson Classic, had this optimistic outlook:

"The great thing is, he only takes up one spot in the purse."

Also-rans: Tom FitzGerald in the San Francisco Chronicle: "In a survey, children were asked who they wished they could be. First daughter Chelsea Clinton was No. 1 and Tiger Woods second, followed by Xena the Warrior Princess, Darth Vader and Michael Jordan. Sorry, Tiger. Sorry, Michael. You can't win them all."

Looking back: On this day in 1935, Jesse Owens set three world records and tied another in the Big Ten championships at Ann Arbor, Mich.

He tied the 100-yard record with time of 9.4 seconds. Then he set world records in the 220, 20.3; 220 low hurdles, 22.6, and long jump, 26 feet 8 1/4 inches.

Trivia answer: Jerry Sloan, No. 4, and Bob Love, No. 10.

And finally: Jayson Stark in the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Fox and the Dodgers. What a marriage.

"Once the Dodgers get sold to Fox magnate Rupert Murdoch, will Vin Scully be forced to call all home runs 'Simpsons' instead of 'homers'?

"Will Roy Campanella Way, in pastoral Dodgertown, be renamed Al Bundy Way?"

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