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A Giant Case of Telecom Exhibitionism

May 26, 1997

The giant telecommunications trade show called SuperCom starts Sunday in New Orleans. Corporate computer and communications managers will peruse 650 exhibits and choose from among hundreds of seminars on issues such as broad-band communications, intranets, telecommuting, and network management and security. For more information, call (800) 2-SUPERC or point your browser to

Looking ahead: The fifth Futurist Conference of Telecommunications and Wireless Innovation is being held Thursday at the Hotel Inter-Continental in downtown Los Angeles. The half-day event will feature exhibitor showcases and open discussions with industry leaders, including executives from such companies as Qualcomm Inc., Microsoft Corp. and AirTouch Communications. The long-term impact of innovations and technology on society will be the focus of the conference. For more information, call (213) 977-1001.


* The true spirit of Memorial Day isn't picnics and parties. So why not spend a little time today checking out some Web sites that honor the men and women who've fought to protect this country? Information about and a history of the Great War can be found at The World War II Veterans Web site is at, and the WWII Preservation Society is at WWIIps. The Korean War Project is online at At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page ( you can search for a friend or loved one, and has pictures and stories from the wall. And http://www. will take you to the Gulf War Veterans Resource Pages. Women in Military Service for America is online at

* The Valley Jewish Festival, an annual event held at Pierce College, is moving into the technology age. The festival's sponsor, the Valley Alliance of the Jewish Federation, will have a booth that allows participants to connect with Jewish leaders both in this country and in Israel through the magic of the Internet. Questions will be channeled through a moderator to Jewish leaders, including David Bar-Ilan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's top aide, and Yoram Ben-Ze'ev, Israel's consulate general for Los Angeles. If you can't attend Sunday's festival but still want to take part in the Internet event, go to The Times' site, The project is expected to start at about 11 a.m.

* For a searchable database of all U.S. Supreme Court opinions since 1927, head to FindLaw ( The site also has a link to the U.S. Constitution and other Supreme Court resources. The Legal Information Institute and Project Hermes, the court's electronic dissemination project, have all the opinions issued by the nation's high court since May 1990 at

* The National Assembly Web site ( has a directory of 2,000 paid and unpaid youth internships. Select your state, type in your city and enter the kind of internship you're looking for and you'll get back a list of possibilities. Or you can download all of the internships in the directory if you have some spare time.

* The L.A. Learning Exchange has a new look. The LALCNet works with teachers and administrators to help meet the specific needs of people in our community. At this new site you can read about what Los Angeles Unified School District kids said about their experiences with violence and weapons and how they would like to ease racial tension and conflict. Point your browser to The Los Angeles Unified School District site ( has links to schools' Web sites, student newsgroups and home pages for affiliated organizations, such as Computer Using Educators of Los Angeles and the Alliance of Asian/Pacific Educators.

* The Asian Rehabilitation Services site ( has information about adult vocational rehabilitation programs for the emotionally, developmentally or physically disabled. It also has a list of corporate sponsors, job openings and the quarterly newsletter. The ARS offers services to the needs of Asian Pacific and Spanish-speaking disabled persons.

* There's a good chance that if you're stuck on a computer all day (voluntarily or otherwise), you don't know just how hot or muggy it is outside. At, type in the city or state and you'll get a five-day forecast with highs and lows, as well as the current temperature, humidity and barometer pressure. Excellent for planning weekend trips too.


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