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Soccer Moms Join Developer's Team in Effort to Win Project Approval

Business: After company promises playing fields, association members launch letter-writing campaign to back plan. Santa Clarita city leaders cry foul.


One of the stipulations that Blazey insisted on was that the developers reach an agreement with the local school district to provide school facilities, as required by state law. Sources close to the William S. Hart Union High School District have said that an agreement is very close.

Not enough, say Santa Clarita officials. They contend the project is too big for the rural area, where many of the homeowners keep horses and livestock.

The developer also is proposing to grade about 21.5-million cubic yards along the hillside, which Santa Clarita would not allow within its boundaries.

"Developers come in, sell the houses, make the profits and then leave," Mayor Smyth said. "The [Youth Sports Assn.] doesn't have to worry about the guy who can't reach the freeway because of the traffic."

Even with support from soccer moms, approval of the project is uncertain.

"The developer has to show that the pluses of the project are greater than the minuses," said Antonovich, who will listen to testimony on the project today. "So far, I don't think that's been done."

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