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Drive for Disney Concert Hall

May 27, 1997

Eli Broad (interview, Opinion, May 18) deserves the thanks and enormous respect of all Southern Californians for his leadership and efforts on behalf of the realization of the Disney Concert Hall and the reinvention of downtown Los Angeles. As he correctly noted, great cities of the world are such because of visionaries who think and plan beyond limited parochial interests.

Is it not unfortunate, however, that the Disney Co., with its billions, and other major companies that feed off this city do not share Broad's vision of the manner in which culture and the arts contribute to the spirit and vibrancy of our society?



* I was appalled as I read the wishes and opinions of Broad, a suburb developer and art collector, on his vision of L.A. for the 21st century and his most recent architectural trophy, Disney Concert Hall as designed by Frank Gehry. His knowledge and ownership of art and architectural works, suburban visions and ability to raise money among his pals should not qualify him to build a fait accompli building on one of the last hills left in Greater Los Angeles.

Los Angeles qualifies to offer more visionary leadership, as a new city, ahead of Barcelona and Sydney, and certainly for more of a civic symbol than just another "masterpieced" Opry. A real and more serious public discussion should be heard on this ambitious proposal and its real value to this city.


Santa Monica

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