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The Social Scene

May 28, 1997

Thirteen local spots have been recognized as outstanding "Neighborhood Places in the Public Realm." Here are the locations and reasons for their selection:

1. Yorba Linda Civic Center Complex: Successfully integrates civic services, a community center, schools and recreational open spaces "into an aesthetically appealing, cohesive whole"

2. Downtown Plaza District: A central focus bringing together all of Old Towne Orange

3. Old Town Tustin business district: The symbolic downtown for both nearby neighborhoods and the larger community

4. Wilshire Square neighborhood: Promotes "an extraordinary sense of community"

5. Woodbridge Village: A "model" master-planned community with a network of parks, greenbelts, paths and lakes

6. Garden Park, University Hills: "A truly intimate neighborhood place"

7. Lago Santa Margarita: "A focus for community identity"

8. Leisure World: Cited for three areas: Clubhouse One, "a lively gathering place"; Serpentine Walk, which promotes interaction and outdoor exercise; and Aliso Creek Park and Wildlife Center, "a welcome retreat and contact with nature"

9. Crown Valley Community Park: "A highly successful, community-level open space"

10. Corona del Mar Farmer's Market: "An unusual, colorful and festive neighborhood gathering place"

11. Balboa Island: With its "clearly defined sense of place," the island community "encourages neighbors to mingle"

12. Ruby's Surf City Diner: "A highly imageable focal point" and an "important piece of civic architecture"

13. The Parks of Rossmoor: Rally community support and volunteerism "to focus on a series of creative adaptive reuse projects"

Sources: Orange County Chapter of American Institute of Architects, UCI School of Social Ecology

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