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Eavesdropping / Listening in on Southland Folks


Name: Dr. Marc R. Abrams

Age: 46

Profession: Family practitioner in North Hollywood

Alias: The Silver Lake Walker

When: Walks seven days a week. On weekdays: for about two hours starting at 9 a.m.; on weekends: for four hours each day.

Speed: 5 mph

Miles per week: About 100

Pairs of sneakers he wears out annually: Four ("They're beaten to shreds about every three months.")

Favorite brand: None. "Whatever my wife finds on sale."

Body fat: 2%

SPF choice: 15

Favorite reading material while walking:

1. Los Angeles Times

2. Wall Street Journal

3. Los Angeles Daily News

4. San Francisco Chronicle

5. New York Times

While he read-walks, does he ever crash into parked cars, slam into telephone posts or do the doggy-do step?: Never

Most popular question: "People want to know, 'why do [you] walk so much?' "

Answer: "I tell them because I love it--the outdoors."

An oldie but goody: "One person asked if I walked because I had a heart condition. I was kind of perplexed. If I had a heart condition this much walking would kill me."

Best thing about walking: "I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis [18 years ago] and this has been a great way to stay in shape and prevent myself from getting stiff. Plus, I know everyone in the neighborhood, including all the police. They honk when they see me."

Best rumor about him: "That I'm a neurosurgeon."

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