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A Cover Story


Grandfather's cradle was the inspiration for the quilt that Laura Schwarz Smith pieced together for her book, "The Cradle That Grandpa Built."

Smith, an award-winning illustrator, graphic artist and quilter, designed the pattern to go with the book.

The pattern is included in the book ($18, 60 pages, Galloping Rabbit Press, Santa Ana). Smith and publisher Kelly Gallagher-Abbott also have designed a line of fabrics to complement the quilt.

The story begins with the cradle being built, then moves on to the creation of the quilt, which has a rainbow and children on it.

Smith, who has a bachelor's degree in art, is best known for her quilt "Seams a Lot Like Degas," which was awarded Best of Show in the artistic expressions competition at Quilt Expo V in Lyon, France, in 1996.

For more information, call (714) 731-2563.

Timely Tool

Gadget gurus will see the light, the time and the tunes, with this multipurpose tool.

The flashlight/alarm clock/radio is ideal for the bedroom, the office or even campsite.

The flashlight has a wide beam with an extra bright Krypton bulb. The clock/radio has a large display for easy reading. It also runs on batteries.

The flashlight clock radio ($36) is available through the Nature Company. For more information or to locate the nearest retailer to you, call (800) 607-7888.

No Major Pane

Cleaning hard-to-reach windows can be a cinch using Windex's outdoor cleaner.

The cleaner has been formulated to shine up the surface without removing the windows, which can be a safety issue for those who live in homes with several stories.

To use the cleaner, attach the unit to your garden hose. When the water is turned on, the foaming spray removes the dirt, then it sheets off the window. A switch on the sprayer unit allows the water the filter through for a final rinse.

The spray unit is reusable and a refill is available. One bottle cleans the windows of an average single-family home.

Windex outdoor window cleaner ($8) is available in grocery stores throughout the county, in addition to Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

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