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Election for Props. E and L

June 01, 1997

The little election coming up on June 3 is a critical one for L.A. County. We are being asked to restore and continue the present tax-funding level for L.A. County fire protection (Prop. E) and for the L.A. County library system (Prop. L).We must give these two simple propositions a two-thirds yes vote for them to pass.

The only organized opposition to these propositions is from the Libertarian Party. They suggest that both library services and fire protection be "privatized." There are many things our society needs that can indeed be done by private means, but Americans need to recover some understanding of our social unity. This means identifying the things we can best do together--by public means. We all benefit from education, police protection, good highways and public health. We all benefit from public libraries and fire protection. The L.A. County Fire Department and County Public Library are efficient and proven services. We should protect them with our yes votes on Props. E and L.



* SEIU Local 660 represents more than 40,000 employees of Los Angeles County, including hundreds of librarians, library assistants, aides and pages. We thank The Times for endorsing Prop. L in the June 3 election, but would like to correct a statement in your May 26 article that the ballot initiative "has no union backing."

Local 660 has thrown our full support behind Prop. L--soliciting donations from the County Federation of Labor and making our own significant contribution; assigning full-time staff to work on this campaign; organizing a phone bank seven days a week at union headquarters; and preparing to mobilize voters on June 3. Union members passionately believe that public libraries, as well as fire services, are vital for the future of our communities.


Local 660 General Manager

Los Angeles

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