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Only in L.A.

June 03, 1997|Steve Harvey

An old Craig Livingstone


The Buddhist temple that held the controversial fund-raiser for Vice President Al Gore and the Democratic National Committee in Hacienda Heights has a "DNC" sticker on the door of its gift shop, points out Donnie Berryman.

If you look closer, you'll see the sticker says, "Protected by DNC," and refers to a security company. "But," Berryman adds, "the irony is interesting.'

STARTING THE WEEK OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT: A note left late Monday on the door of a downtown shoe shop said: "Please don't repair #1434 (gray shoes). I bought a new one."

Left or right?

ESS EFF VS. EL LAY (CONT.): The 49ers football team has hinted it might move to L.A. if Bay Area voters turn down a couple of measures that would raise money for a new stadium in San Francisco. Ex-Angeleno Joe Mudnich reports from up north that one brewery in that city is displaying a banner with this plea:

"They stole our water. Don't let them steal our Niners! Vote YES on D & F."

Mudnich adds that if the 49ers did migrate to L.A., that nickname wouldn't do. "Of course," he adds, in a salute to Southern California's glorious commuting tradition, "we'd have to rename them the Forty LANErs."

DUELING SIGNS DEPT.: Actually, this is no duel. It's closer to a riot, involving a mess of signs photographed by Jervis Wolfe in otherwise orderly Glendora. Let's hope the 49ers don't use this route if they're looking for L.A.

BANNING SMOKING IS ONE THING . . . Until you read the small print of a sign snapped by Hal Rasmussen, you might think that Manhattan Beach had become the first city in the nation to totally outlaw eating and sleeping.

WHISPER THESE NAMES: "I was watching the B-2 Stealth bomber fly over Dodger Stadium on Memorial Day," writes John Hendry of Van Nuys, "and I was wondering. . . . As you remember, battleships were so substantial that the U.S. Navy named them after the states of the Union."

So, Hendry adds, why shouldn't the nation's B-2 bombers "be named after stealthy individuals from American history?" He recommends:

* The Howard Hughes

* The Greta Garbo

* The Amelia Earhart

We might add:

* The J.D. Salinger

* The D.B. Cooper

And, of course. . . .

* The Richard Riordan (He's the mayor of L.A.)


A course offered by the Culver City Adult School is: "How to Talk to Bullies." Its catalog says, in part: "You can stop the 24 most common bullies with proven verbal fireworks skills. You will master 33 guaranteed sizzling comebacks. . . ." Fine, but isn't it a bit too late to stop the fund-raisers from the Democratic National Committee now?

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