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June 04, 1997

This chart tracks video sales--alternating weekly among an overall view of the market and profiles of individual segments. Sales data include mass merchandisers and retailers but not most discount outlets

Theatrical: 78%

Children's: 12%

Exercise: 4%

Television: 3%

Sports: 1%

Other: 2%

Theatrical Video Vendors

Year-to-date share of video sales market through May 25 and current top-selling theatrical videos:


Company Share Current best-selling video Disney 25.94% 101 Dalmatians Warner Home Video* 24.04 A Time to Kill includes: MGM 6.61 Rainman Turner/New Line 2.49 Island of Dr. Moreau Fox 10.89 Independence Day Columbia 10.19 The Cable Guy Paramount Home Video** 9.93 Top Gun Universal Home Video 9.24 Jurassic Park Anchor Bay 1.90 Firewalker Live Home Entertainment 1.19 The Doors


Market Leaders May 19-25

Top video vendors, in percentage of sales in all categories:

Warner Home Video*: 24.71%

Disney: 14.97%

Fox: 10.17%

Universal Home Video: 10.16%

Paramount Home Video**: 7.57%

Columbia: 6.26%

* Includes MGM, HBO, Turner, New Line and Warner Vision

** Includes ESPN and ABC

Source: VideoScan

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