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June 07, 1997

Setting son: As a Pepperdine freshman last year, J.T. Harrison was woefully overmatched at the plate and batted .130, playing third base regularly after senior Ruben Gamboa was injured. The coach who kept him in the lineup? His father, Pat Harrison.

Pat Harrison resigned after the season to take a job at Mississippi. J.T. transferred and found himself rotating with sophomore Chris Lotterhos at second base this season.

Lotterhos, a former All-American at Germantown (Tenn.) High, hit about .300 in Southeastern Conference play. Harrison was under .200.

While Pepperdine fans didn't seem to mind, the Ole Miss faithful have been in an uproar.

The university has a popular Internet message board devoted to the baseball program and J.T. Harrison's playing time was a hot topic this season.

The fact that Lotterhos' father is a Mississippi alumnus only fans the flames.

Wrote one fan: "[Lotterhos] is a born and raised Rebel and now our pathetic excuse for a baseball coach [is forcing] him to transfer. Why? Because he's a better player than his son."

Lotterhos reportedly is transferring to rival Mississippi State. J.T. Harrison has two more years of eligibility, so unless his hitting improves, Ole Miss fans will have plenty more to grouse about.

Making matters worse, Mississippi was 4-26 in SEC play.

Wrote another fan: "Pat Harrison has shown that his laid-back, nonaggressive Malibu personality will not get it done in the SEC. . . . Shock waves roll across Rebel land."

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