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Ways You Can Redeem Yourself With Dad

June 10, 1997|JEANNINE STEIN

Still can't decide if you should get Pop the Porsche or the "How to Get Bass to Jump Into Your Boat" video for Father's Day?

All this week, Shortcuts looks at books designed for dear old Dad. Today's entry is from "I Love You Dad Coupons" (Sourcebooks). Among the coupons that you can present as presents:

* "Dad, because I love you, I will let you win the next one-on-one basketball game."

* "This coupon entitles Dad to an entire day free of whining."

* "No TV at Dinner Coupon. This coupon entitles Dad to a family dinner free of interruption."

* "Dad, because I love you, I will do my homework without being told."

* "Dad picks the movie. This coupon entitles Dad to the movie of his choice at the video store."

* "This coupon entitles Dad to sleep in late on the day of his choice."

* "Sports-fest Sunday Coupon! This coupon is good for one Sunday of uninterrupted time to watch the sport of Dad's choice."

* "Dad, because I love you, I won't ask to borrow money . . . today!"

* "Dad picks the pizza topping. This coupon entitles Dad to pick the toppings and crust of his choice."

* "This coupon entitles Dad to one big hug."

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