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Visionaries Get an Eyeful

New officers are seen among fall fashions by Chanel and a gourmet luncheon menu for supporters of the Orange County Museum of Art.

June 10, 1997|ANN CONWAY

The event: An annual meeting of the Visionaries, a support group of the Orange County Museum of Art. There was no gavel-pounding at this event at the Robert Mondavi Wine & Food Center in Costa Mesa--only a gourmet luncheon, a Chanel fashion parade and an introduction of new officers.

Coming to order: Guests mingled in the sunny Mondavi dining room, sipping bubbly and snacking on appetizers before dining on salmon and pistachio peach cheesecake prepared by chef Gwen Kvavli Gulliksen. Salad plates--set with tomato tartlets and edible nasturtiums--featured a large V (for Visionaries) "painted" with a basil reduction.

Fashions for fall: In the premiere California preview of its fall-winter collection, Chanel featured models in everything from sleek pantsuits to graceful evening gowns. The most important look for fall is "boy meets girl--the take on the androgynous look," noted Peg Goldberg of Chanel, New York. "We translate that as classic tweeds in a new silhouette--pantsuits that are a little roomier, with a longer jacket meant to be worn more casually."

Down to business: During the festivities, new officers were introduced. Included were Joan Riach, president; vice presidents June Donovan, Nancy Snyder, Gypsy Pulliam and Robin Turner; secretaries Carole Lobdell and Lois Isenberg; and treasurer Gale Layman.

Quote: Addressing the crowd was Marian Bergeson, state secretary of Child Development and Education. Everyone knows there are four Rs of education, she said: "Reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and art!"

Bottom line: Members pay $1,000 to join the Visionaries, founded in 1989. Annual dues are $500. Members have donated $500,000 to the building fund. With its building projects completed, the group will dedicate funds to museum education programs for children and adults.

Guest list: The museum's director, Naomi Vine; curator Bruce Guenther; and director of education Maxine Gaiber, as well as luncheon chairwoman Irene Mathews and outgoing Visionaries president Bobbi Purcell. Also attending were Trish O'Donnell, Nora Lehman, Gayle Widyolar, Kathryn Wright, Barbara Bowie, Karen Hardin, Jane Lawson, Twyla Reed Martin, Mary Lyons, Barbara Roberts, Carole Follman and Laila Conlin.

What's next: Members--who rely on initiation fees and dues to support the museum--do not hold benefits. They will meet this summer for a social at the Balboa Bay Club. For information on Visionaries: (714) 759-1122.

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