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Trade and Commerce

June 15, 1997

While U.S. imports from Hong Kong have remained relatively steady this decade, exports to the crown colony have more than doubled since 1990, giving the United States a trade surplus with Hong Kong of more than $4 billion.


U.S. imports-exports with Hong Kong

U.S. imports from Hong Kong, 1990 - 1996

U.S. exports from Hong Kong, 1990 - 1996


* Exports to Hong Kong

Rest of U.S.: 74%

California's share: 26%

Total: $13.96 billion

From California: $3.6


* Imports from Hong Kong

Rest of U.S.: 69%

California's share: 31%

Total: $9.87 billion

To California: $3.1


Top 5 California exports to Hong Kong

1. Electronic, electrical equipment (excluding computers)

2. Industrial machinery, computer equipment

3. Food and related products

4. Transportation equipment

5. Agricultural products


The Biggest and the Boast

* Hong Kong's new Chek Lap Kok Airport is the world's largest constructionsite: nearly 5 square miles were reclaimed from the sea.

* The largest neon advertising sign is 365 feet by 62 feet and has eight miles of neon tubing. The owner is a drug company backed by the Chinese army.

* Hong Kong is the leading importer of cognac-more than 158,000 gallons in 1994. Also the top market for plastic scrap and ginseng roots.

* Hong Kong has the highest concentration of cellular phones and pagers: 680,000 cellular phone subscribers, more than 10% of the population, and one pager for every 4.8 people.

* Less than half the size of Luxembourg, Hong Kong has the world's eighth largest stock market with $450 billion in capitalization.


* The U.S.-Hong Kong relationship

1,000: Number of U.S. firms in Hong Kong.

Nearly 10%: Percentage of Hong Kong work force employed by U.S. firms.

88: U.S.-owned factories in Hong Kong

Nearly $14 billion: 1995 U.S. investment in Hong Kong.

$196 million: Value of U.S. goods purchased by Hong Kong government in 1995

700,000: 1995 visits by Americans to Hong Kong

120,000: 1995 visits by Hong Kong citizens to U.S.

35,000: Americans who live in Hong Kong.

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