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Fiord Fun

June 15, 1997

Re: "Fiord Explorers" (May 11):

In 1979, my wife, Emmy, and I traveled the coast of Norway. The boat ride on the Geiranger Fiord was magnificent, but our travel journal for the next morning's drive out of Geiranger says, "up over the mountains through scenes of grandeur, a September snowstorm, and for Emmy an hour of terror interrupted by moments of sheer panic!"

We also remember telling a Norwegian shepherd about a sheep hiding behind a bush, high up the mountainside. We expected he would climb the hill, but he "reached among the folds of his garments, brought out his two-way radio, and told his friend about the wayward one." So much for the old days, and the old ways!


La Quinta

The article by Emily Laurence Baker about her family's driving tour of Norway's fiord region was delightful and beautifully illustrated, no doubt causing many of us to inquire of ourselves: Driven a Fiord lately?



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