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Sound Is Bigger Than It Is


In the case of the new BeoLab 4000 loudspeaker, smaller is bigger.

Just out from Bang & Olufsen, it's just 12 5/8 inches high and 5 1/8 inches deep, yet company engineers say it produces as much sound as a conventional speaker three times its size.

Designed with an anodized aluminum cabinet in silver, black or green, the BeoLab 4000 offers 52 mounting variations, horizontal or vertical.

* $900 each. (800) 323-0378, Ext. 43.


A Fever Pitch: New from Omron Healthcare is Gentle Temp, said to be the smallest, most lightweight ear thermometer for children.

At 8.6 inches high and 1.7 inches wide and weighing only 6.7 ounces, Gentle Temp is 30% smaller than any other ear thermometer on the market, according to Omron reps. When placed in a child's ear, it takes six readings in three seconds, then averages the readings to give the most accurate measurement.

Also, it has a 48-hour Fever Track memory that can store up to four readings. A push button display light illuminates the thermometer's digital display, so it's easy to read even when you are in a darkened bedroom.

* $50-$60. Comes with a three-year, replaceable battery and eight reusable lens covers. (800) 634-4350.


Stuck on You: Here's another clever idea from 3M: a wearable, pop-up Scotch tape dispenser. It fits on your hand or wrist and dispenses precut 2-inch strips of tape.

It's a blue plastic unit with a sliding door on top where a pad of tape strips easily can be loaded. The dispenser is held on by a (way too tight) elastic band (3M should think about making the band adjustable with Velcro-like closings).

The company also has introduced a cartridge dispenser of precut pop-up tape strips, for desk or countertop use.

* $3.99 for the wearable dispenser, which comes with two tape pads of 75 strips each. (800) 865-4223.

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