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Orioles' Davis Begins Recovery From Cancer

Baseball: Follow-up treatment could keep outfielder sidelined the rest of the season.

June 18, 1997|From Associated Press

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Eric Davis had a cancerous tumor removed from his colon last week and is expected to make a complete recovery, although follow-up treatment could keep him sidelined the rest of the season.

Dr. Keith Lillemoe said Tuesday night that all the cancer in the colon was removed during last Friday's operation. The tumor was roughly the size of a baseball.

Doctors are discussing the possible role of chemotherapy to make sure the cancer is kept in check.

"The surgery was very successful. The tumor was confined to the colon and removed the cancerous segment and he's recovered nicely," said Lillemoe, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the man who performed the procedure.

"I'd say he has a favorable prognosis. We're very optimistic," said Lillemoe, adding that he will recommend chemotherapy.

Davis, 35, said in a statement, "I am feeling well and looking forward to making a complete recovery. I hope to be back on the playing field as soon as I possibly can."

"We're hopeful he will resume this season, but I would not say it's highly probable," General Manager Pat Gillick said.

Davis, who joined the Orioles as a free agent this season, was put on the disabled list May 31. He last played May 25 and was hitting .302 with seven home runs and 21 RBIs when he went on the disabled list.

Davis was originally diagnosed with an abdominal abscess, but pre-surgical X-rays revealed a mass that was ultimately determined to be cancer.

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