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Fish Report

June 27, 1997


17. CASTAIC LAKE--Striped bass and largemouth bass equally active. Danny Stevens, Los Angeles, 15-pound striper on a surface plug. Jeff Smith, Northridge, 10-pound striper on an inflated night crawler at 40 feet. John Phillips, Saugus, 10-pound largemouth on a surface lure. Jim Syling, Lancaster, with guide Pat Buckley, 10 largemouth, largest 9-3, on mudsuckers in lower lake. Some catfish. David Toth, Castaic, 12-pound catfish, while spinnerbait fishing for largemouth bass.

18. LAKE PIRU--Those trolling Needlefish and Kastmasters in Santa Felicia Cove and Reasoner Cove are catching an occasional trout, but don't expect to fill a stringer. Largemouth bass and catfish fairly active, with bass hitting night crawlers and crawdads, and catfish hitting mackerel.

19. PYRAMID LAKE--Not much happening. A few stripers were caught on anchovies, a few largemouth and smallmouth were landed on plastics and a few catfish were taken on anchovies and chicken livers.

20. LAKE CACHUMA--Trout best bet, but few limits. Needlefish lures trolled at east end best bet. Largemouth bass hitting spinnerbaits in mornings, plastic worms in afternoons.

21. LAKE CASITAS--Largemouth bass activity has picked up, with the larger bass hitting trout-like lures. Porter Hall, Ventura, 12-8 bass. Smaller bass hitting smaller surface lures in mornings and evenings, and dark-colored plastic worms during the day. Catfish bite slow.

22. CORONA LAKE--No guesswork. Grab a boat in late afternoon, motor over to the trees, bait up with mackerel and wait. The catfish will come. Lots of limits this way. Other species slow.

23. SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES--See Corona Lake, but don't look for trees or boats. There aren't any. Just cast mackerel and chances are you'll be reeling in catfish.

24. IRVINE LAKE--Deeper holes in Santiago Flats best bet for big blue catfish, but smaller channel cats biting throughout the lake. Still a few trout coming up on the hook, but the summer sun soon will take care of that. Bluegill bite fair on red worms-bobber combos. Crappie bite fair on mini-jigs fished in flats.

25. LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Only lake mentioned in this space open from 6 a.m.-midnight seven days a week, which is good if you like catfish because most are being caught at night. Bring a lantern, some mackerel, and have at it. The fish are in the shallows. Morning anglers catching some bass; those using night crawlers catching more than others.

26. LAKE SKINNER--Some small stripers being caught, but the bite is not predictable. Try anchovies. Catfish and largemouth bass bites fair.

27. LAKE PERRIS--Largemouth bass bite slow to fair, with fish averaging 3-4 pounds, biting mostly on night crawlers at east end and dam. Bill Urmin, San Dimas, 10-4 bass, on a waterdog at east end. Lots of small bluegill biting in same areas, mostly on crickets and mealworms.

28. SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Want bass? Try Sutherland, where anglers caught and released 961 (including a 10-10) in the past week. An additional 111 were kept. Want bluegill? If you can't catch them at San Vicente, take up another sport--nearly 5,000 were caught by fewer than 400 anglers. Catfish bite fair at Hodges and Sutherland. Crappie bite fair at Hodges.

29. LAKE CUYAMACA--Trout active one day, bass the next, catfish the next. Top catches: a 10-12 catfish on a night crawler and a 9-12 bass on a night crawler.

30. BIG BEAR LAKE--Trout are deep and scattered; some are getting limits, others are getting skunked. Largest rainbow an 8-pounder, on a night crawler at Gray's Landing. Largest catfish a 10-12, on a night crawler at east ramp. Noteworthy: Cliff Divelbiss, 91, Laguna Hills, a 6-12 trout, on a night crawler at Windy Point.

31. BISHOP--South Lake just received 1,500 fingerling brown trout and 40 fish from 2-6 pounds. Bishop Creek best bet for steady action, with bait (try salmon eggs), lures (silver) and flies (green mosquitoes) all producing. Owens River fair on crickets and worms.

32. MAMMOTH LAKES AREA--Crowley Lake yielding limits of rainbows and browns averaging 1-4 pounds. An 8-7 rainbow (caught on a night crawler at Layton Springs) topped the list. Perch fishing fantastic. Other best bets: Rock Creek Lake (big brooder rainbows), Lake Mary (huge Alpers) and Convict Creek (small browns and rainbows). Crowley Lake and Convict Lake slow to good. Other areas fair.

33. JUNE LAKE LOOP--Hard to go wrong at any lake. Yellow Power Bait the hot ticket at Gull, rainbow Power Bait and Sierra Gold at June, nothing in particular at Silver (a 3-5 was caught on a Cahill-pattern fly), and Rapalas at Grant. Rush Creek so-so.

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