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Very Definitely Oasis

June 29, 1997|Robert Hilburn

The ever-unpredictable yet still-together English group will have an album out this summer. But as for a tour . . .

It's easy to see why the Gallagher brothers named Oasis' 1994 debut album "Definitely Maybe."

Few things about the English band seem certain, except its talent.

After months of confusion about the status of the band, however, some things are now definite.

* As demonstrated by its appearance at the recent KROQ-FM (106.7) Weenie Roast concert, the quintet is still together, despite fears last fall that the frequently volatile relationship between Noel and Liam Gallagher had caused the downfall of the group.

* "D'You Know What I Mean?," the first single from the band's third album, will be released to radio on July 7, with the album to follow Aug. 26.

* Titled "Be Here Now," the album will contain 11 new Noel Gallagher songs, one of which, the anthem-like, heavily orchestrated "All Around the World," runs almost 10 minutes. While retaining the band's strong melodic flair, the album is generally more hard-edged than either "Definitely Maybe" or 1995's "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" The group is scheduled to wrap up the first video for the album this week in England.

But there is much about the band that still falls into the "maybe" category, especially the issue of live shows.

* Marcus Russell, Oasis' manager, said the group will return to the U.S. in October for a week's worth of shows--maybe.

* If not in October, the group will return early in the year--maybe.

* And when should we expect them in Los Angeles, where the group has canceled Universal Amphitheatre appearances twice, once in April 1996 because of illness and again last fall when Oasis ended its U.S. tour prematurely? The city is high on the band's wish list for the October swing. If not then, the band should definitely play here early next year--maybe.

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