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Thomas on Baptist Disney Boycott

June 29, 1997

Cal Thomas' June 24 Column Right is saddening ("The Baptist Boycott Made Its Point"). Denying domestic health benefits to partners of gays and lesbians is not only mean-spirited, it's hypocritical. In a moral Catch-22, the religious right both attacks gay promiscuity, then denies regular benefits to those gays and lesbians who have chosen to commit to an individual.

When someone does something that physically harms others or themselves, that is the realm of law. When someone does something that simply offends others' morals, that is the realm of prejudice. Denying domestic partner benefits causes harm to individuals; the only benefit is to the ogre of prejudice. Until the likes of Thomas learn to promote love and understanding rather than hate and prejudice, they will remain backwater voices able to speak only to those whose limited worldview does not permit them to see that they are attacking exactly what morally they should support.

Disney should be applauded for improving the lives of its employees. Prejudice from groups like the Southern Baptists has no place in a modern society.



* Thomas' topic was eloquently presented. He truly spoke for me and many others who feel the same. My boycott of Disney products and entertainment began long before the Southern Baptists' announcement, but I applaud them for being the first denomination to stand up against Disney.

My individual boycott may not have much of an impact, but I can rest knowing that I am standing up for what I believe regardless of what my denomination (Pentecostal) may or may not do. We as individuals will one day have to give an account of our actions or lack of actions on this Earth.


Los Angeles

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