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Sorry, Vinny, We Don't Know Just What We Were Thinking

August 16, 1997

The Times has done the unpardonable and deserves a scolding: You have actually published a letter critical of Vin Scully.

Nobody should be allowed to criticize Scully. He has provided more hours of entertainment and joy to more people than anyone in Southern California. More than any player, manager owner, he is responsible for the success of baseball in Los Angeles.

Vin Scully can make the mundane inspirational.

As for you at The Times, don't let it happen again.


West Los Angeles


You might argue that bringing the Dodgers west was the smartest thing Walter O'Malley ever did. But the smartest thing he ever did was to keep Vin Scully on the payroll year after year; the luckiest thing was to have found him at all.

To hear Vin Scully call a game is to remember what baseball was, and what it should be. And to forget for a moment what so much of it has become. Is there anyone who so personifies the finest aspects of the game? Dignity. Work ethic. Symmetry. Consummate skill. Humility.

True, it will be a sad day when Peter O'Malley turns over the Dodgers to the highest bidder. But when Scully decides he has had enough, that will be the darkest day for Dodger fans.


San Clemente

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