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Germ Warfare I

December 01, 1997|Martin Miller

Did you know that every time you flush your toilet, you are filling your bathroom with frightening germs? You are, according to the Arizona-based company ADVent International Inc., which happens to be selling a "new weapon for germ warriors." The Cair-Flo Direct-Thru toilet exhaust system sucks out the harmful germs that "rain down on toothbrushes, counter tops, faucets--everything" every time you flush the toilet. For more information, visit the ADVent International Web site at But beware the germ-carrying dust mites on your computer when you log on.

Germ Warfare II

Be afraid. Be very afraid. You see, germs are everywhere--even inside your mouth! And once they've infiltrated that sacred cavity, the bad breath comes. Luckily, there's a new product called Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Brush and Tung-Gel, which the maker says is "the final solution to halitosis." The "tung-brush"--basically a circular toothbrush with short, firm bristles--kills much of the tongue bacteria that produce the foul-smelling gases that cause bad breath. For more information--beware the germ-carrying dust mites on your phone--call (800) 203-8855.

Germ Warfare III

Let's face it, humans will never be able to eradicate all germs. Sometimes, the best we can hope for in our struggle is to merely stop their spread. That's where two California mothers come in. The pair--who are clearly anti-germ people--have invented the "SnifflePak." It's a fanny pack for kids that carries a packet of pocket-sized facial tissue and lip balm. The little packs are intended to discourage little kids from wiping their noses with their hands. Yeah, that will happen when little kids start cleaning up their rooms without being told. Information: (888) 527-1700.

Germ-Free Item

Many new parents have stumbled upon the phenomenon of white noise quieting a baby's crying. Now, instead of actually turning on the vacuum cleaner or running bathwater to hush up Junior, you can play one of Smart Baby Care Inc.'s white noise tapes. Also featured in the company's parade of soothing hits are washer-dryer and lawn-mower sounds. Even if the tapes don't work, at least they'll drown out the sound of the crying. Information: (888) STOPCRY.

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