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Military School's Morning Sports

December 07, 1997

Re "Teachers Defend School's Ban on Morning Sports," Dec. 1:

It is amusing to read [parent] Penny Reeves' comment that not allowing the children of Viejo Elementary School to engage in "aggressive, high-energy" activities before class is "like a military school."

Reeves obviously has no experience with military schools or she would not make such an erroneous statement.

At St. Catherine's Military School in Anaheim, our cadets, ages kindergarten through eighth grade, engage in spirited activities to their hearts' content in the mornings.

Nonetheless, following uniform inspection, flag raising and prayers, they are quite productive and focused once classes commence. We believe in nurturing the whole person: academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Indeed, when one can hardly pick up a newspaper without reading an article about how obese and sedentary American children are, for any school to discourage physical activity is an anathema to healthy childhood development.

Children spend far too many hours glued to Nintendo, the computer and television, and for many, their school hours are their only opportunity for group play.

So, if it's healthy fun and intellectual stimulation you seek for your child, I encourage you to try military school--our bustling, happy playground welcomes you!



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